Java Tiger, J2SE 5.0

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0, was launched by Sun on September 30th 2004. J2SE 5.0 (known internally as J2SE 1.5.0 or informally as 'Tiger') has a number of key developments and new features, among them some changes to the fundamentals of the Java language.

This major feature release brings long-awaited advantages to the J2SE development community and some key business benefits to those involved in J2SE Development. This website highlights the key features of Java 5.0 and provides an overview of the benefits that can be gained through the adoption of Java 5.0.

Note: It also might be of interest, is that maybe the bug with thead-safe volatiles as used in singleton classes has been fixed.

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For more information on Java 1.5 Tiger, you may find Java 1.5 Tiger, A developer's Notebook by D. Flanagan and B. McLaughlin from O'Reilly of interest.

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